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Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra

Ivan Shulman, Music Director


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2018 at 4 PM


The Winners of the Robert Turner Piano Competition


in collaboration with
The Westside Music Foundation
Franz Schubert: Symphony No.5 in B flat major. D 485
Dmitri Kabalevsky: Piano Concerto No. 3 in D major. Op. 50 “Youth”
Robert Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor. Op. 54

Mount Olive Lutheran Church
1343 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

ADMISSION: Suggested Donation: $10 (Open Seating). PARKING: FREE


The Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra Receives a Generous Donation Establishing

The Henry Wechsler Percussion Section

Born in New York City in 1911, Henry Wechsler was the only son of music-loving immigrant parents. Once in the New York City public school system, he excelled in mathematics and English. Since money was lacking for private music lessons, he joined the school band as a percussionist which had the added benefit of allowing him to vent the frustrations two of three older sisters caused.

Although Henry aspired to be a doctor, he ran a garment district merchandising service to help support his family during the Depression while attending City College of New York in the evenings. To augment his family’s income and to satisfy his continuing passion for percussion, Henry performed as band leader “Chick Jones.” But the gigs were neither frequent nor lucrative enough to support the other musicians who also had day jobs, and transporting his cumbersome drum set on the New York subway system became, as he described it, “a nightmare.” Then he met the love of his life, Faye.

Though Henry loved percussion, he loved women in general, and Faye in particular, even more. He sold his beloved drums to finance his marriage, made easier as Faye allowed him to drum on the dining room table with the silverware. The newly-weds eventually settled in Albany where Henry worked in sales and thrived as a loving father, delighting everyone with his irrepressible sense of humor. His musical outlets became singing in an amateur choir, ballroom dancing, attending classical music performances, and creating table-top drum patterns.

In later years, Henry earned awards for charity fundraising. After five years of happy retirement in Phoenix, AZ, he died in 1976 of myocardial infarction on a cruise ship near Tunis.


Our concerts are sponsored by a Culver City Performing Arts Grant with support from Sony Pictures.


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