Play in The Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra.

LADSO, founded in 1953, is one of the oldest community orchestras in the United States.

Despite our name, it is not necessary to be in the medical profession to play in the  orchestra. Over the years, we have broadened our membership to encompass  professional as well as amateur musicians from diverse backgrounds including the legal  profession, aerospace, and education. 

We pursue innovative and ambitious programming and embrace new music as well,  including original compositions composed by our own members. Rehearsals are  conducted with an emphasis on performance and education in a collegial setting.  Auditions may be requested on occasion. A level of competence compatible with the  needs of the orchestra will take priority in determining seating. 

Musicians from all instrument categories may be needed at different times. Currently,  we are recruiting bassoons and string players, especially violas and double bassists.  

Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30- 10:00 PM from early September  through mid-June, with breaks during the winter holidays. Rehearsals are held at the  Village Church, 343 South Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049. Parking is on-site. As we  do not have a librarian, you will be directed to our on-line library in the “Members Only”  section of the website. You will be expected to download and print your own parts. We  do not maintain hard copies of any music. 

We do require that everyone be fully vaccinated with booster shots as indicated and to  wear a mask at all times, except the winds when they are playing. Please be prepared to  provide your vaccination certificate before the first rehearsal. 

CONTACT: Ivan Shulman, Music Director, at Please include details  of your musical background, experience, and level of performance.

Photo of Maestro Ivan Shulman with a musician